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League News and Events
  • Mon, Jan 28, (11:02):
    That time again - as all of you are aware from the Fall Meeting, the entry fee for this year, will be $2100. The budgets will be presented and on line concurrent with the Spring Meeting. All existing teams must have their money in by March 8 2019 - failure to pay by that date will cause the existing teams to lose their grandfather right of re-entry. For all new teams, the fees are still $2100 and you will be admitted as space is available and based on a first paid basis. Alternatives for payment are as follows but for all payments, please ensure that the name and contract information are on the payment or emailed to the treasurer - and the contact information should be the same as exists on the GSL website - a cheque delivered to 44 Greystone Crescent, Georgetown, L7G 1G9 - an Electronic Funds Transfer sent to using the password GSL We are no longer accepting PayPal. Please - NO CASH - it will not be accepted if presented and it will not be recognized if left in the mailbox. We expect there will be not enough space for the teams applying or returning. So your soonest payments are suggested Questions - call Pete Wanner @ 905.877.0776