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League News and Events
  • Thu, May 21, (19:54):
    The Executive met last evening, Virtually, to further discuss the 2020 season. In discussion with the Town the soonest that we would be able to play would be July 15th and with a minimum number of players, 5 per team! This date is a moving target at best! The Executive made the decision to refund all team fees for the 2020 season. We are hopeful that we may be able to play August 1st. If this is possible, we would look at having a 10 game season with the fees being $1,100. Every team that wishes a refund must Email and include: The amount you wish refunded the entire $2100, if that is what you paid, or leave $1100 there in case there is a short season. Of course this will be refunded if we cant play. There has to be an email from at least 2 members of the team as shown on the roster, to show that the whole team is aware of the refund. This email must show the email address the refund is going to be EFTd to we will not issue cheques and we will only send the money to a single location. The password for all transfers will be gslrefund The refund to the team will not happen until we have ALL of the above information. The goal will be to issue the refunds on or about May 31.