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Next Regular Season Games - Mon, Aug 15
Division Time Park Home Visitor Umpire
Mens A 7:00 PM TSP-1 Knots The Brokebats Bruce MacPherson
Mens A 7:00 PM TSP-4 Red Birds The Tropics Craig McCurrie
Mens A 9:00 PM TSP-1 Here For Beer Isotopes Bruce MacPherson
Mens A 9:00 PM TSP-4 The Brokebats Red Birds Craig McCurrie
Next Regular Season Games - Tue, Aug 16
Mixed A 7:00 PM TSP-4 Mets Triple Play Allan Tracey
Mixed A 9:00 PM TSP-4 Jays The Hitmen Allan Tracey
Mixed B 7:00 PM TSP-1 Free Agents Playmates Rick Collard
Mixed B 8:00 PM GS-2 Hooters & Hammers Assorted Sox Darren Coulter
Mixed B 9:00 PM TSP-1 Cannon Fodder Playmates Rick Collard
Mixed C 7:00 PM H-1 Balls of Anarchy Ice Cold Pitchers Ray Anderson
Mixed C 8:00 PM GS-3 Brew Crew Chasers Mike Drakes
Mixed C 9:00 PM H-1 Cyclone Back n Black Ray Anderson
Mixed D 7:00 PM LH-1 Coming In Hot The Burn Outs Lucky Leslie
Mixed D 8:30 PM TSP-2 SMOKIN BASES The Bench Warmers Brian Carter
Mixed D 9:00 PM LH-1 Peelers Coming In Hot Lucky Leslie
Next Regular Season Games - Wed, Aug 17
Mens C 7:00 PM TSP-1 MLB Corked Bats Doug Macdonald
Mens C 9:00 PM TSP-1 Corked Bats Georgetown Firefighters Doug Macdonald
Mens D 7:00 PM TSP-4 Brewers BAT Attitudes Craig McCurrie
Mens D 8:00 PM GS-3 Lob Bosses The Bomb Squad Brian Carter
Mens D 9:00 PM TSP-4 Wolfpack Dirty Bunts Craig McCurrie
Next Regular Season Games - Thu, Aug 18
Over 35 A 7:00 PM TSP-4 Cardinals Grounders Craig McCurrie
Over 35 A 9:00 PM TSP-1 6 Is On Two Brew Jays Ken Barber
Over 35 A 9:00 PM TSP-4 Cardinals Grounders Craig McCurrie
Over 35 B 8:00 PM TSP-2 Hop Society Brewing Last Out Opens Beer Allan Tracey
Over 35 B 9:30 PM TSP-2 TailGators Grave Diggers Allan Tracey
Over 35 C 7:00 PM TSP-1 Betty Ford Clinic Longhorns Ken Barber
Over 35 C 8:00 PM GW-1 Swingers Swollen Boys Lucky Leslie
Over 35 C 8:30 PM GS-2 Diamond Cutters ThUnder Dogs Brian Carter
Over 35 C 9:30 PM GW-1 S.O.B.'s Swingers Lucky Leslie
Over 35 C 11:30 PM TSP-2 Longhorns Betty Ford Clinic

League News and Events
  • Thu, Aug 4, (8:30):
    As a reminder, if the league has not canceled games due to weather by 5pm it is the expectation that teams will show up as scheduled and the teams and umpire can determine if the conditions are playable.
  • Mon, Jun 6, (10:47):
    Just a friendly reminder to make sure to put away the dig tools and install plugs after your games please.
  • Thu, Apr 28, (23:10):
    If the Lights are not working, please call 905-693-2726 or 905-749-0168.
  • Tue, Apr 12, (15:10):
    Georgetown Slo Pitch an Adult Community league is looking for Umpires for our 2022 Season, great part time job, or someone that is no longer playing Slo Pitch but wants to keep involved in the Slo Pitch community.

    The league runs Monday to Thursday evenings and were looking for umpires to work 1 game or 2 games an evening, one night or all 4 nights, you create your own schedule. Pay is $ 42.00 per game and on field training or refresher is provided.

    Please reach out to Kim O’Malley – for more information.