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League News and Events
  • Fri, Nov 20, (11:00):
    Update from the Executive It has been an awfully long 9 months. Being away from Slopitch has not dampened our desire to play and we hope that is the case for all GSL members. The GSL has always been in the forefront of supporting Slopitch in our community. Whether working with local and provincial governments for more diamonds or creating leagues for youths. COVID has had a major impact on our local businesses. In the spirit of the GSL, the League gave the executive permission to assist local business with advertising on the outfield fences. Most of the banners were in Gellert, more in TSP plus a few in each of Glen Williams and the Park. This year we offered to buy and install the banner for local businesses. The caveat was that we asked these businesses to give us consideration when they are creating their 2021 advertising budget. This was a very well received and there were a number calls of appreciation. We had over 140 banners installed. If all advertise with us next year, it will create over $30,000 for the Town Baseball account. GSL paid roughly $13,000 on these banners. The diamonds are in amazing shape of course, being watered by Mother Nature on a regular basis, cutting, weed control and no use the outfields are like carpets. The new diamonds are amazing the HHMBA has made some use of the diamonds but for the most part, they were just sitting there waiting for GSL to arrive. There will be a Town sponsored grand opening next spring the GSL will be made aware of the date and time. Who knows what the future may bring? Your Executive is committed to ensure that when we return to play, we will do so following Provincial and Municipal guidelines. The safety of our members is our highest priority. There are some teams that have not asked for their entry fee money back for those that are still owed money, please let me know soonest at so we can confirm you are leaving the money there or you are seeking a refund. As always questions to executive are welcomed