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Next Regular Season Games - Sun, May 28
Division Time Park Home Visitor Umpire
Mens A 5:00pm TSP Burn'n Baserunners The Brokebats Mike Borgal
Over 35 B 9:00pm TSP Relics Georgetown Automotive Mike Borgal
Over 35 C 7:00pm TSP Diamond Cutters Swollen Boys Mike Borgal
Next Regular Season Games - Mon, May 29
Mens A 7:00pm TSP TailGators Knots Cory Reed
Mens A 8:30pm GS-1 Bases Loaded The Brokebats Brian Sorbie
Mens A 9:00pm TSP Pitches Be Crazy Burn'n Baserunners Cory Reed
Mens B 7:00pm GS-3 Gray Beards The Bomb Squad Andre O'Connor
Mens B 8:30pm GS-2 MLB Red Birds Andre O'Connor
Mens B 9:00pm GS-3 Old Milwaukee Brewers NMF Ray Anderson
Next Regular Season Games - Tue, May 30
Mixed A 7:00pm GS-1 Budweiser Black-Outs The Hitmen Bruce Smith
Mixed A 8:30pm TSP Bushwackers Red Dog Tom Cook
Mixed A 9:00pm GS-1 Triple Play NMF Bruce Smith
Mixed B 7:00pm GS-2 Alcoballics Georgetown Honda Ironpigs Rick Collard
Mixed B 8:30pm GW-1 Playmates Assorted Sox Mike Drakes
Mixed B 9:00pm GS-2 Chasers One Hit Wonders Rick Collard
Mixed C 7:00pm H-2 Cannon Fodder The Animals Josh Petch
Mixed C 7:00pm GS-3 Free Agents Sausages and Buns Gerald Lundrigan
Mixed C 8:30pm GW-2 The Tragically Hits Hooters & Hammers Darren Coulter
Mixed C 9:00pm GS-3 Ballbusters Silver bullets Gerald Lundrigan
Mixed D 7:00pm LH-1 Rubber Cleats The Burn Outs Ray Anderson
Mixed D 7:00pm H-1 Stinky Mitts Back n Black Andre O'Connor
Mixed D 9:00pm H-1 The Liners Brew Crew Andre O'Connor
Mixed D 9:00pm H-2 Red Sox Balls of Anarchy Josh Petch
Next Regular Season Games - Wed, May 31
Mens C 7:00pm GS-1 Sausage in a Bunt Hit For Brains Brian Sorbie
Mens C 8:30pm GS-2 Joe Booze Gap Slappers Darren Coulter
Mens C 8:30pm GW-2 Sluggers and Chuggers Here For Beer Glenn Baker
Mens C 9:00pm GS-1 Soft balls hard bats Falcons Brian Sorbie
Mens D 7:00pm GS-3 Milton Daddies Reds Lucky Leslie
Mens D 8:30pm H-1 Isotopes Mortar Shell Muckers Connor Moriarty
Mens D 9:00pm H-2 The Backdoor Sliders Dirty Bunts Andre O'Connor
Mens D 9:00pm GS-3 Copenhagen Bomb Squad Corked Bats Lucky Leslie
Men's E 7:00pm H-2 Wackers Brewers Andre O'Connor
Men's E 8:30pm LH-1 Huskineers Third Base First Date Ken Lockett
Men's E 8:30pm FG-3 Lob Bosses Ice Cold Pitchers Daniel Millar
Next Regular Season Games - Thu, Jun 1
Over 35 A 7:00pm TSP Grounders Grinders Ron Galos
Over 35 A 8:30pm GS-1 Brew Jays Jumbo Robert Routcliffe
Over 35 A 9:00pm TSP 6 Is On Two Stone Groove Ron Galos
Over 35 B 7:00pm GS-2 Grave Diggers Cardinals Lucky Leslie
Over 35 B 8:30pm GW-1 Georgetown Automotive Relics Darren Coulter
Over 35 B 9:00pm GS-2 Canadian Robotics Wild Willies Lucky Leslie
Over 35 C 7:00pm GS-3 Longhorns - Mike Baron ReMax S.O.B.'s Glenn Baker
Over 35 C 8:30pm GW-2 Swollen Boys Diamond Cutters Ray Ferreira
Over 35 C 9:00pm GS-3 ThUnder Dogs Betty Ford Clinic Glenn Baker

League News and Events
  • Thu, May 18, (10:11):
    All diamonds now have a storage box - the umpires have the keys - in the box is a set of anchored bases, shovel, rake, measuring rope. Because of issues with the locating of the anchors, we are going to add a metal detector to each park. But it still requires the teams to re-insert the caps to help locate the anchors. Please be more diligent about protecting the League assets
  • Thu, May 18, (10:08):
    It appears that the constant messaging from the Exec to the teams is not clear - DRINKING ON THE DIAMONDS IS FORBIDDEN - the umpires have been tasked and the executive on their nightly strolls amongst the games - teams caught drinking at the diamonds will forfeit - if both teams are drinking, both teams will forfeit - this is not a request, it is a mandate put upon us as part of our permits from the Town
  • Tue, May 16, (12:42):
    At game time if the lights don't come on call 905-693-2726

Community Service Events
  • Tue, May 16, (12:41):
    Ronald McDonald Houses Fathers Day Weekend Charity 3 Pitch Tournament

    $300.00 TEAM ENTRY
    JUNE 16-18, 2017

    Josh Petch : or
    Michelle Taylor :


  Lost or Found Items (in the last 14 days) Click on the "Lost and Found" menu item for details.
  • Thu, May 25, (10:17): Found:  Adidas Rugby Cleats (yellow and black) at Hornby (Lower) on Tuesday May 16th
  • Wed, May 24, (13:38): Lost:  tan coloured glove for lefty at Hornby (Upper) on May 16, 2017