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Today's Regular Season Games - Tue, Jun 6
Division Time Park Home Visitor Umpire
Mixed A 7:00 PM TSP-4 Triple Play The Hitmen Alfie Hutchins
Mixed A 9:00 PM TSP-4 Mets Jays Alfie Hutchins
Mixed B 7:00 PM TSP-1 Cannon Fodder Hooters & Hammers Rick Collard
Mixed B 8:30 PM TSP-2 Inglorious Batters Playmates Darren Coulter
Mixed B 9:00 PM TSP-1 Hooters & Hammers Assorted Sox Rick Collard
Mixed C 7:00 PM H-1 The Burn Outs Free Agents Kim O'Malley
Mixed C 9:00 PM LH-1 Chasers Cyclone Bruce MacPherson
Mixed C 9:00 PM H-1 Back n Black Balls of Anarchy Kim O'Malley
Mixed D 7:00 PM GS-3 Base Invaders Brew Crew Mike Donnelly
Mixed D 7:00 PM LH-1 Coming In Hot Master Batters Bruce MacPherson
Mixed D 9:00 PM GS-3 Brew Crew Peelers Mike Donnelly

League News and Events
  • Thu, Jun 1, (12:12):
    Please note that consuming alcohol at the diamonds is strictly prohibited and affects GSL's ability to obtain permits from the Town. Ensure your team is following this requirement. Umpires may cancel any game at their discretion should it be found that teams are violating this requirement which will result in a forfeit and potential league disipline.
  • Thu, May 25, (11:46):
    Please note: For all Tsp diamonds: Use the 65ft base plugs to install bases as the 60ft ones are for hardball and only have one plug at first. These diamonds were made for the 65ft bases. Thanks