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Next Regular Season Games - Sun, Aug 25
Division Time Park Home Visitor Umpire
Over 35 A 7:00 PM TSP Stone Groove Brew Jays
Over 35 B 3:00 PM TSP Grounders 6 Is On Two
Next Playoff Games - Mon, Aug 26
Division Game Time Park Team 1 Team 2 Umpire
Mens A A 8:30 PM GS-2 Bases Loaded (4) Here For Beer (5) Jennie Harlow
Mens A B 7:00 PM TSP The Brokebats (3) Joe Booze (6) Connor Moriarty
Mens A D 9:00 PM TSP Red Birds (2) Winner of B Connor Moriarty
Mens B A 8:30 PM GW-2 Isotopes (4) Soft balls hard bats (5) Chris Kearsey
Mens B B 7:00 PM GS-3 TailGators (3) Sluggers and Chuggers (6) Ray Anderson
Mens B D 9:00 PM GS-3 Old Milwaukee Brewers (2) Winner of B Ray Anderson
Men's E A 8:30 PM LH Brewers (4) BAT Attitudes (5) Darren Coulter
Next Playoff Games - Tue, Aug 27
Mixed A A 8:30 PM GS-2 Budweiser Black-Outs (4) Georgetown Honda Ironpigs (5) Jeremy McDougall
Mixed A B 7:00 PM TSP The Snappers (3) Playmates (6) Ray Anderson
Mixed A D 9:00 PM TSP Triple Play (2) Winner of B Ray Anderson
Mixed B A 8:30 PM GW-1 Hooters & Hammers (4) Cannon Fodder (5) Darren Coulter
Mixed B B 7:00 PM GS-3 The Liners (3) Chasers (6) Rick Collard
Mixed B D 9:00 PM GS-3 Free Agents (2) Winner of B Rick Collard
Mixed C A 8:30 PM GW-2 Back n Black (4) Ice Cold Pitchers (5) Scott Stubberfield
Mixed C B 7:00 PM H-1 Balls of Anarchy (3) Brew Crew (6) Charlton Milley
Mixed C D 9:00 PM H-1 The Tragically Hits (2) Winner of B Charlton Milley
Mixed D A 7:00 PM H-2 The Burn Outs (1) The Riverdogs (8) Michael Zelek
Mixed D B 9:00 PM H-2 Balls Out (4) Wackettes (5) Michael Zelek
Mixed D C 9:00 PM LH Ballbusters (3) Red Sox (6) Ken Barber
Mixed D D 7:00 PM LH Rubber Cleats (2) Shoeless Joe's Wet Mitts (7) Ken Barber
Next Playoff Games - Wed, Aug 28
Mens C A 9:00 PM GS-2 Gap Slappers (4) Georgetown Firemen (5) Ken Lockett
Mens C B 7:00 PM TSP Georgetown Gators (3) The Bomb Squad (6) Jeremy McDougall
Mens C D 9:00 PM TSP MLB (2) Winner of B Jeremy McDougall
Mens D A 7:00 PM GS-3 Corn Kings (1) Dirty Bunts (8) Rick Collard
Mens D B 9:00 PM GS-3 Coors Lightning (4) Corked Bats (5) Rick Collard
Mens D C 8:30 PM H-1 One Stop Steel Shop (3) Wolf Pack (6) Chris Kearsey
Mens D D 7:00 PM GS-2 The Tropics (2) Agents (7) Ken Lockett
Men's E B 7:00 PM H-2 Colossal Clocks (3) Mortar Shell Muckers (6) Jennie Harlow
Men's E D 9:00 PM H-2 NorthMan (2) Winner of B Jennie Harlow
Next Playoff Games - Thu, Aug 29
Over 35 A A 7:00 PM TSP Jumbo (4) Relics (5) Darren Coulter
Over 35 A B 7:00 PM GS-2 Brew Jays (2) Grave Diggers (7) Chris Kearsey
Over 35 A C 9:00 PM GS-2 Stone Groove (3) Georgetown Automotive (6) Chris Kearsey
Over 35 B A 7:00 PM GS-3 Grounders (1) Swollen Boys (8) Ken Barber
Over 35 B B 9:00 PM GS-3 ThUnder Dogs (4) S.O.B.'s (5) Ken Barber
Over 35 B C 9:00 PM H-2 6 Is On Two (3) Diamond Cutters (6) Charlton Milley
Over 35 B D 7:00 PM H-2 Longhorns (2) Betty Ford Clinic (7) Charlton Milley

League News and Events
  • Thu, Jul 25, (13:15):
    There have been two suspensions handed out this week due to verbal assaults towards an umpire. Our umpires deserve to be treated in a respectful manner regardless of how much disagreement with a call there may be. The diamond is their place of their employment and they are by law entitled to work in a safe and harassment free environment just as much as each one of you expects to be treated when you go to work. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Mon, May 13, (14:52):
    If the Lights are not working, please call 905-693-2726 or 905-749-0168.

  Lost or Found Items (in the last 14 days) Click on the "Lost and Found" menu item for details.
  • Thu, Aug 15, (15:33): Lost:  black glove (wilson?)  at Gellert 2 on Aug 8
  • Tue, Aug 13, (0:12): Found:  Left at Gellert 1 on Monday