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League News and Events
  • Thu, Mar 26, (10:57):
    The Town has reached out to us to remind all Ggtn residents (thru the baseball and soccer organizations) that the fields are closed - meaning not to be used for games or practices. Although they did not have names, some have been phoning the Town to reserve diamonds for practices - and were told no. As well, there have been a could sightings of people out on the diamonds. Ggtn, like Toronto and other cities, will soon begin enforcing the ban on the use of ball and soccer fields. Please be guided accordingly. We are still expecting news of the League start by the end of the 1st week in April - best we can do for you - sorry
  • Wed, Mar 25, (16:12):
    March 25, 2020 To all of the GSL members Obviously, we need to address the 800-pound virus in the corner. We wish we could have sent something out earlier, but we simply do not know anything more than the general public. We all know that being in a group of more than 50 is prohibited and dangerous. But we believe that was generally meant to apply to indoor situations what will the advice be for outdoor situations and in warmer weather. The people who know those answers are not talking. Still we do not know when the season will start, if the season will start, what restrictions might be in place, and for how long In discussions with the Town recently, we have learned that they are being forced to make decisions and take actions without informed knowledge of what is in store. The Province will be giving them direction, when it is available. Groups such as Ontario Baseball and Ontario Soccer have cancelled all games and practices up to the end of April (I believe that is the date quoted). The Town has indicated they will give direction to the GSL no later than the first week of April. Even then, there is no guarantee that the information will be any more predictive than it is now. To be sure, the virus has already impacted GSL we are down 20 teams from last year. Some of this is natural retirement, but there was one today that indicated they were uncomfortable with the virus still moving to new hosts. GSL is now taking a few steps on their own - The annual spring meeting will not take place live. We are exploring how to have a Web-based meeting where any and all members can log in to watch, listen and ask questions. - We guarantee that if the season is shortened, the membership will direct how much of the money collected will be refunded some, all, none. - Teams that are still making arrangements for payment we are accepting $1100 as the amount to hold the spot in the League. This will apply to maybe 6 teams that are struggling to collect from players. We are going to ask that teams that have already paid please do not call and ask for partial refunds the workload is heavy enough already refunds will be issued to all once decisions are made pertaining to the length of the season. Any questions, please email one of the executive again workload makes answering telephone calls problematic and overly taxing. Not sure about you GSL members, but this is just exasperating my desire to get out and play on the new diamonds. But we will get there - eventually Kindest regards GSL Executive
  • Wed, Mar 11, (10:49):

  • Tue, Nov 12, (10:48):
    We are trying to get a +50 Men's Division started.
    Night of play tentatively set for Monday.
    This will be a draft league.
    We will need at least 48 interested people to create 4 teams.
    If you are interested click the link to the left to sign up.