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Today's Regular Season Games - Sun, Jul 21
Division Time Park Home Visitor Umpire
Mens A 5:00 PM TSP The Brokebats Joe Booze Ken Barber
Mens A 9:00 PM TSP Bases Loaded Knots Ken Barber
Mens B 7:00 PM TSP TailGators Isotopes Ken Barber
Over 35 A 3:00 PM TSP Georgetown Automotive Grave Diggers Ken Barber
Over 35 B 7:00 PM GS-3 Longhorns S.O.B.'s Lucky Leslie
Over 35 B 9:00 PM GS-3 ThUnder Dogs Betty Ford Clinic Lucky Leslie

League News and Events
  • Tue, Jun 11, (10:32):
    LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS Posted by Halton Hills Minor Baseball Association on Jun 11 2019 at 05:02AM PDT image The Trafalgar Sports Park’s Field of Dreams project has been chosen as a recipient of a portion of the proceeds from the Head for the Hills Beer Festival. As part of our agreement with Head for the Hills, we need to provide volunteers to help make the event successful. We are reaching out to all families in the ball community for your help. There are three shifts available, morning, afternoon and full day. Morning volunteers earn us “1 point” and are also provided free access to the festival at the completion of their shift. Afternoon shift volunteers earn “2 points” but cannot drink or participate in the event, other than volunteering. A full day volunteer earns “5 points.” At the completion of the event, all of the points are tallied, and then the proceeds are divided among the recipients, according to the number of points that are collected. (Volunteers who do not honor their commitment are docked their points plus one). The Head for the Hills event is September 14, 2019 and as an Association we have decided that there will NOT be tryouts that day, so coaches and parents can support this project to help raise funds for the TSP project. We need to know ASAP who is able to volunteer, as we have to submit names and contact information to the organizing committee. If you are able to help out or would like more information, please reach out to Thank you in advance for your support.
  • Mon, May 13, (14:52):
    If the Lights are not working, please call 905-693-2726 or 905-749-0168.

  Lost or Found Items (in the last 14 days) Click on the "Lost and Found" menu item for details.
  • Wed, Jul 10, (9:59): Lost:  Iphone at Trafalgar Sports Park on wed june 26
  • Wed, Jul 10, (9:58): Found:  Iphone at Gellert 1 on Wed