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Today's Regular Season Games - Mon, Aug 20
Division Time Park Home Visitor Umpire
Mens A 7:00 PM TSP NMF Knots Connor Moriarty
Mens A 8:00 PM GS-2 Burn'n Baserunners The Brokebats Jeremy McDougall
Mens A 9:00 PM TSP Bases Loaded Pitches Be Crazy Connor Moriarty
Mens B 7:00 PM GS-3 Red Birds Joe Booze Ken Barber
Mens B 8:30 PM GW-1 Old Milwaukee Brewers TailGators Ken Lockett
Mens B 9:00 PM GS-3 Gray Beards Here For Beer Ken Barber
Men's E 8:30 PM GW-2 Ice Cold Pitchers Mortar Shell Muckers Darren Coulter