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League News and Events
  • Thu, Jul 16, (16:18):
    It is with heavy heart that the Executive announce that the 2020 Georgetown SloPitch League season is over before it even starts. As you likely know, Gtwn is still mired in the Covid stage 2, but even if we emerged today there are rules that will make the game less enjoyable and in some cases, unplayable.

    Some of the new rules:
    - Tracking and attendance
    - Disinfecting the baseball between batters
    - Disinfecting the bat between batters
    - Only 50 people IN THE LEAGUE
    - Abiding by the 2 meter distancing rules
    - Documented question and answer about health and travel
    - The Exec would have to re-design from various examples, a return-to-play document that has to pass approval from Halton Health and Gtwn Recreation department.
    - Umpires are hedging on if they are prepared to work the games with Covid still without a vaccine.
    - A lot of our teams have already moved on to cottage-life for the summer

    These are some of the reasons that the Executive have decided to cancel the season.
    Those that are wishing the further return of their fees, please contact Pete Wanner at, again copying a team member, identifying your team and the amount you are due.