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Note: The New Player database will be deleted at the end of the season.

Date Added Name Phone Division Comment
May 3 2017 Stacey Fortin 6473890816 Mixed D Played fast ball for years. Looking to get back into it and have some fun too.
Apr 25 2017 Jacinda 9052995611 Mixed Hi! I've never played but Im quite athletic and would be happy to join a team.
Apr 22 2017 Adam Scott 9058663700 Men's/ Mixed A,B,C,D Age 24, universal player
Apr 22 2017 Geoff and Denise McDonald 647-640-7934 Mixed D Couple looking to join co-ed league in Georgetown. Both can play ball!!
Apr 21 2017 Matt Provost 6476247911 Any division, preferably higher Used to play rep baseball. Now 30 and recently moved here and looking to join a competitive team. Typically a SS or CF, but flexible on position. Just want to play some ball.
Apr 15 2017 Rachel Young and Rebecca Young 647-224-8062 Any Two girls with some rep experience looking to have some fun and get back into the game this summer.
Apr 15 2017 Nick Lizotte 2898918355 Mens C-D Mixed C-D New to the area , looking for a team to play ball and meet some people. Age 24.
Apr 14 2017 Mark Craig 9057490005 Mixed D New player, looking for a night out to meet some new people and learn the game a little
Apr 10 2017 Brett Mccully 416-709-2054 Men's C or D Two male players looking to join a team in either the Men's C league or Men's D league. Please call/text me if you have two spots avaliable, thank you.
Apr 10 2017 Brian Teves 9057812229 Over 35 Any, Mixed B,C,D New to GT (3 months). Would like to try out this new game. Active sports enthusiast (hockey, golf, soccer, mountain biking). Will play any position and have a good arm and speedy runner. Age 41.
Apr 9 2017 Graham 4169060887 Men's 35 +, Men's 50+ I thought I read somewhere there was a 50+ division this year, perhaps it was another league? Have always played 1st or 2nd but I'm ok anywhere 😎
Apr 9 2017 Cherry Atkins 9053305935 Over 35 B orC Played competitivley before the kids were born. Played with work team. Good overall player :)
Apr 9 2017 Shaynnah D Sasek 9052997115 mixed A,B,C or D 22 and 24 played on team ontario, looking to play with my friend who also has baseball experience
Apr 4 2017 Josh McDonell 4169065344 Any 24 years old. Played Slo Pitch last year. Solid fielder, hitter. Looking to have some fun but willing to play any level. Can only play Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday
Mar 29 2017 James Maguire 6475549742 Mixed C/D or Over 35 B/C 47. looking for a fun team for the summer. decent player at most positions.
Mar 28 2017 Matt Grahame 289 769 2743 any 24 years old, never played in a league but love to play, any position
Mar 18 2017 Justin Kirke 4167213205 Any under 35 21 Yr Old, played elite baseball and have played 3+ years of Slo-Pitch, willing to play any position
Mar 13 2017 Stacey Dewsnap 416-456-0807 Mixed B, C or D Two Females, experienced players, team folded...would like to play on the same team.
Mar 2 2017 Kelly Walsh 416-997-0505 Mixed C or D
Mar 1 2017 Kooper Boose 9057034235 Mixed B/C Looking for a team for my girlfriend and I to play on for the summer, both 21, athletic, experienced, and look forward to playing!
Mar 1 2017 Janine 6472005459 Mixed C & D Female player looking for mixed C and D division. I've played catcher and second base in one previous season.
Feb 27 2017 Randy Reid 4163199053 Mixed D or Mixed C Looking for a fun group of ppl for my gf and I to play with. Ive played softball for 15 years with lots of experience in different divisions from D to super series C. Gf has played 2 years in D.
Feb 23 2017 Cathy 647-537-4661 mixed C ISO an experienced female player to join our team.
Feb 19 2017 Jay Fendley 4166662963 Mens C/D or Over 35 Decent pitcher, can play 1st or 3rd. Solid bat, less than average speed.
Feb 14 2017 Ryan 6478883283 Any Couple looking to join mixed team in any division. We have both played on a coed teams before and are looking for a team in georgetown. I currently play hardball.
Feb 13 2017 Dave Pusateri 9055992547 Mixed B,C,D 2 couple looking to join a mixed team. We have played different levels over the years. Ages range from 27-37.
Feb 12 2017 Lance 9056918627 Mixed D, mixed C I have 3 males and two females who have played together for a few years possibly looking for a team. Decent range on defense and some decent bats with average ans power.
Jan 20 2017 Deejay Sharp 9056993206 Any Played hard ball. I am young with speed. New to slopitch. I can hit well.
Jan 20 2017 Dale Sharp 9056003206 Any Division. Can play anywhere including pitching. My hitting is avg.
Jan 6 2017 Neil G 416-522-4276 Over 35 B or Men's D or Mixed C Play any infield position
Jan 3 2017 Chris W 905 867 3958 35+ Ability to pitch,decent bat..a different kind of speed.
Dec 12 2016 Dawson Riml 905-749-4166 Mens B,C Mixed A,B,C Played hard ball
Nov 18 2016 Krystal kaine 2265007400 mixed a,b,c or d Currently ranked C play all divisions including super series I can play any position decent bat know how to place a ball I currently play on 6 teams but,looking to play more local to where I live
Oct 18 2016 David Neely 9058771963 mens D would like to be on the same team as ( Doug Neely )
Oct 16 2016 Doug Neely 905-877-1963 men's C or mixed C Could you phone me I have a son who's is 19 . We like play on the same team Through the weekday if we can. I play on the Sunday League over 35 B. Thanks Doug Neely
Mar 31 2017 Chris Cartwright 6472031913 Have played the last 11 season for Centre fielder looking to play on a team closer to homthe. I have skill- just need a team:)
Mar 24 2017 Greg Ellis 6479840027 Mixed b c or d or over35 c Well rounded player. Good bat
Mar 6 2017 Jon Greene 9054524154 Co-ed or men's Experienced outfielder who can also play infield. Great glove and arm average bat. Love to play and have fun
Feb 27 2017 Trev O'Connor 905 703 6371 Any Men's, Mixed or Over 35 team Experienced player, 36, athletic, Willing to play any position needed infield or outfield.
Feb 23 2017 Jesse King 6472875922 Men's B-C Mixed A-B 19 years old, looking for ball through the week. Middle infield but can play first or field.
Feb 19 2017 Mark j 2899240098 Men's c
Feb 17 2017 Darryl Corbett 6472432306 Any division under 35 Experienced baseball/fastpitch/slowpitch player who just moved to Georgetown in the middle of last summer and would love to join a team for the upcoming season. Preference is to play in the outfield, but I'm open to other positions.
Feb 15 2017 Ryan Bell 9057031453 Any I am 21 and can play almost any position. Just looking to play some baseball.
Feb 13 2017 Steve 9058679488 Mens or Mixed Looking to join a team on Wed or Thursday. I play on a mixed team on Tuesdays. Can Pitch and play any position, though I am not a fast runner. Heavy Hitter.
Feb 9 2017 Steve Boose 2899240590 Mens D / Mixed D Played as a kid, played in a 3-pitch ragball league for 3 seasons before moving here. Not as fast as I used to be, but I know the game. Corner outfielder, can do middle infield.
Feb 8 2017 Teena D 6474637255 mixed, A, B, C, D I use to play baseball before my the kids were born, now that they are at an age to come and enjoy I would like to join a team. I use to play back catcher or first base, up to play anything. (looking to join a coed team)
Jan 31 2017 Larry Hehn 647-971-4346 Over 35 A or Over 35 B utility player, can pitch if needed, line drive hitter, singles and doubles, low-key and consistent
Jan 26 2017 Chris V 4168864748 Over 35A or Over 35B General utility player with a decent bat
Jan 23 2017 Danny Trinca 6474646825 Over 35B or over 50 (Im 49) Played in this league for a few years back in 2010 (or something like that). Hit for power and average. Play all corner positions, 1st, 3rd, right and left field. Played rep all my life
Jan 15 2017 Chris Sousa 4168887454 Mixed B or C Pitcher / Infield. Outfield if you're desperate. ;) Decent hitter - power and all fields.
Jan 6 2017 Jeff Jones 416-419-9737 Mens B or C I can pitch or play any of the infield positions. I have a good bat and can hit anywhere but over the fence. I am looking for a competitive but fun team
Oct 21 2016 Paul Black/Rob Williams 416-886-0432 50+ Two above average infielders with good bats. Want to play on the same team.