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Note: The New Player database will be deleted at the end of the season.

Date Added Name Phone Division Comment
May 21 2019 Lala Roy 9056177243 Any co-ed team Experienced softball player that has played in a co-ed league in Oakville for over 10 years. I just wanna play... put me in team!!!
May 21 2019 Everett Lukacs 6472052839 Any Athletic, have softball experience
May 4 2019 Barry Boyd 28 9696 3996 Over 50 Just moved to Georgetown.Still have some gas left in the tank and desiring to throw the pea around for another season. Have played the game for over 50 yrs. I just love the game!
Apr 26 2019 Renata Adamczyk 2898804348 Mixed A B CD New to Halton Hills. Want to join a team with my boyfriend Derek Da Costa. We are athletic/experienced and open to any division. Thanks!
Apr 24 2019 CHRIS 4163568812 I am comfortable in any division I have played ball for over 30 yrs. most has been hardball with tournament slo-pitch on occasion. I am new to the area and looking for a weekend team to play on
Apr 17 2019 Connor Byerley 4164364019 Any Mens Division New to Georgetown for a new experience from up North. 21- Played baseball for about 7 years of my life competitively, can play anywhere on the field. Any day im good for!
Apr 15 2019 D'Arcy LaPointe 4168927273 Mixed D Looking for a team for Friday night coed...been playing for 20 years...positions played is shortstop or infield Looking for a team that needs two players male and female to play with Nadia Arghittu
Apr 15 2019 Nadia Arghittu (647) 206-39 Mixed D Looking for a team for Friday night coed...been playing for 20 years...positions played is pitching or infield Looking for a team that needs two players male and female to play with Darcy LaPointe
Apr 8 2019 Andrew 4167952874 C mixed and/or anything Played a lot of baseball when I was a kid into my teens. I like to play hard and give my 💯. If you want a player that will go all out Iím your man, I like to have fun but I also love to win:)
Apr 8 2019 Jalayna Szepesi 6475283322 Mixed B, C, D 25 & Athletic! Looking for a fun, competitive team to join.
Apr 8 2019 rob egerton 4168193712 mixed d looking to join a coed team for this summer. package deal, myself and wife. like to play sundays.
Apr 8 2019 Nick Hancock 4164539937 B or C 21 - Have played rep hardball all my life, 2nd year of slo pitch (Won Championship in Cambridge league last year) - Can hit and play infield
Apr 7 2019 Shelley Myers 416 388-8692 Mixed Couple looking to play mixed ball if available or just myself over 35
Apr 7 2019 Marcel 6479292709 Mixed C and D Tuesday or Wednesday To good to be true!!! 6 pack of players. 3 athletic guys with six packs and 3 hot chicks looking to drink a six pack. Lots of experience, wisdom, and looks great in uniform. Can play any position.
Apr 6 2019 Brandon Accettura 4162778394 Men's Any Athletic,31 years old, played sports all my life. Can run, hit, and catch. Pretty open to anything.
Mar 29 2019 Andrea Bickerton 647-525-6877 Mixed D Contact me if you need a girl on your coed team. Played ball for 5 years.
Mar 22 2019 Brandon Alves 416 994 1137 Mixed or Mens B and Below 20 years old, I've never played in an organized league before, but I have played. Quite athletic.
Mar 21 2019 Jodi Swanzey 519-278-9152 Mixed B or C Female looking to play on coed team, played ball all my life. :)
Mar 10 2019 Alicia & Ryan 9057490716 Mixed looking for a coed team that needs a male and female player for the season!
Mar 7 2019 Joey Serafini-Lamanna 6473838153 Mens or Mixed Athletic and Competitive.
Mar 5 2019 Christina Albert 6476685408 Recreational Husband and wife looking to join a co-od rec league, we are over 35. We have played in Brampton rec leagues but are moving to Georgetown. Husband is a great player. :)
Mar 4 2019 Evan Thompson 9059657380 Mixed B, Mixed C Can play outfield. Looking for Co-ed B or C level I have played softball for last 5+ years.
Mar 2 2019 Tillie Morton 2899241141 mixed played competitive softball growing up, mixed leagues and beer leagues out west. I like outfield and hitting.
Feb 22 2019 Steven Pyne 2898807963 Anything Mixed Can pitch and hit. Strong runner with quick glove, good in outfield.
Feb 18 2019 Chris W 905 867 3958 mens 35+ Can pitch,hit and kinda run
Feb 14 2019 Darla Bennett 2263371797 Mixed D Hi, I love to play, if you are looking for a female to add to your team--connect with me and see if I'm a fit.
Feb 7 2019 Jack Mcnabb 2899240818 Mixed B anything Hello, would love to play in the league this year and hopefully on a team with Stacy Morrow and Kyle Parent
Feb 7 2019 Kyle Parent 2899241586 Mixed B anything Hello, lots of years playing baseball and would love to join the league and be on a team with Stacy Morrow and Jack McNabb if possible.
Feb 7 2019 Stacy Morrow 4169094813 Mixed B anything really Hi there folks! Trying to join the league this year with my brother in law, brother and myself. Baseball in the glen is in our blood. Any help as to how to go about the rest of this process is appreciated!
Feb 3 2019 G 6478329693 Mixed B/C Hey, look for a good male and female player to play on my mixed team(division B or C)
Jan 31 2019 Chris Papayiannis 647-523-1906 Mix ( either one A,B,C) or Menís C Hi my name is Chris and I play on a team on Sunday Mornings. (Mixed) I am looking to play on another team during the week. I am a pretty good hitter and I play 3 base.
Jan 18 2019 Brian Hodgson 2265003377 Mens? New to Georgetown and looking to get on a team. Played ball most my life.
Jan 16 2019 Michelle Leslie 4168993993 Over 35? Husband and wife looking to play, anyone needing some players? I've played in the ladies fastball league last 2 years. Unsure of what division? Co-ed, not too competitive ?
Jan 7 2019 frederick doucette 7785843915 mixed C Hey im fred from newfoundland. i played little league and was pretty good. .. im 30 now tho so im a bit rusty. i can catch the ball, hit the ball, and run real real fast. been dying to join a fun league for a wile now! Batter UP!
Dec 27 2018 Janine Hood 6472005459 Mixed C Mixed D 4 years softball experience, comfortable with playing 2nd base, catcher, rover and right field.