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Note: The New Player database will be deleted at the end of the season.

Date Added Name Phone Division Comment
May 16 2018 Aaron Parcher 6398402052 Mens C-E Mixed B_D New to the Georgetown area, played both slo pitch and hardball for most of my life.
May 2 2018 Brian Patrick 4168167973 Men's D, E, Mixed C, D Havent played in a few yrs. Living in Glen Williams now. Looking to play some ball and have some good times.
Apr 29 2018 Joel Harris 4166696056 Mens D/E, or Mixed D Havent played regularly in a while but in good shape. Will play any position
Apr 29 2018 3 guys and 3 girls (contact Mar) 647-929-2709 Mixed C or D Looking to have some good Ďol competitive fun.
Apr 27 2018 Andrew Murison 647-292-8634 Menís D or Mixed D Causal baseball player. Want to get back into it. Looking for a fun team
Apr 23 2018 Tom Mc Bride 9054538300 Over 35 mixed I am a little rusty but used to play a lot of ball. Looking for fun team to play with.Thanks
Apr 23 2018 Kevin Marfleet & Kara White 2898788336 Mixed D Looking to join a fun coed slopitch league.
Apr 22 2018 Mark Van Weert/Alayna Weigel 4165649113 Mens D, Womens D, Mixed C/D We're new to Georgetown and are hoping to join a team. We're both in our mid/late 20's in good shape and have played baseball before but not for a few years.
Apr 11 2018 Mark Zettler 4167107105 Mens or Mixed C/D/E Recreational player new to Georgetown. 26 years, 6 ft. 185. Previous 2 years experience with beer league slo-pitch in Alberta. Looking for spot on any team.
Apr 11 2018 Dave Tielemans 905-703-7251 Men's A or Men's B I played Rep baseball my whole life, and am very competitive. Good Hitter with Power and can play anywhere on the field.
Apr 6 2018 Geoff and Denise McDonald 647-640-7934 Mixed D Great couple looking to joking a co-ed team. What we lack in skill, we make up for in sense of humour!!! Weíre really not that bad!!!
Apr 4 2018 Julia Morse 6473897230 Mixed A or B Female player - pretty good. Played for about 4 years in Toronto and played when I was younger.
Mar 31 2018 James aston 647-678-7147 Menís over 35 Play 3B, but can play anywhere. Last year I played on Canadian robotics. Please text me if you need a player. Thanks
Mar 29 2018 Robert Cerkownyk 9055103587 Mens Over 35/ 50 league. Played SPN 1984 to 2004 mens c/b/A centennial league Etobic
Mar 28 2018 Rob 4168090110 Over35 Pretty good ball player can play any position
Mar 23 2018 Alec Gibson 217-369-7258 Mens A and/or Over 35 A I'm 54, from Chicago, IL. Play in competitive leagues as well as 50+ travel. Bat and throw LH. 1st base, catcher, pitcher. 6' 4", 250 lbs in great shape. Can't run yet due to total knee replacement last June.
Mar 17 2018 Bryce Moore 905-703-7073 Menís B 21 years old. Good shape. Know the game but havenít played since young.
Mar 15 2018 Cheryl/Dan Montana 416-995-6604 Mixed D? Husband and wife looking to join co-ed team. Haven't played for years but enthusiastic. Looking to play ball and have fun.
Mar 12 2018 Steve bennett 9058765667 Mixed b or a Looking for a team too play on weekends with since I work straight afternoons well rounded player mostly play infield age :28
Mar 7 2018 Jaimee Gallant 16475047157 Mixed looking to have fun in the summer, can play in any position.
Mar 3 2018 Marco Dias 4165676004 Mixed D team first player with exp at all infield positions
Feb 20 2018 Neil G 4165224276 Mixed D Played for several years , 1B 2B , or P. Just looking to join a fun group that plays any night of Tues, Wed or Thursdays
Feb 18 2018 Jalayna Szepesi 6475283322 Mixed B, C, D I'm new to georgetown and looking to join a fun competitive team! 24 and athletic
Feb 15 2018 Chris Cartwright 647-203-1913 C-D Infield or outfield
Feb 9 2018 Andrea Bickerton 647-525-6877 Mixed D New to Georgetown. Played last 5 years in Mississauga. Normally play backcatch.
Feb 9 2018 Dawn Benison 416-951-3938 Mixed D Played as a kid for many years, looking to get back into the sport. Not fantastic, but not terrible.
Feb 2 2018 Evan Thompson 9059657380 Mixed A , B, C Played coed softball for last 5 years. Preferred position : Outfield
Feb 1 2018 Jeff Williams 4165712356 Men's or Coed Played for years in a co-ed league, taking it all the way to championship couple times. Typically have played second base/rover and outfield but open for what is needed. Looking for a team to play again now that I'm in Georgetown.
Jan 31 2018 Jay Fendley 4166662963 Mixed or Mens Over 35 Solid pitcher. Can also play 1st or 3rd if needed. Not a lot of speed, but solid OBP.
Jan 28 2018 Matt Keefe/Matt King/Alex Woodward 4166295761 Any Mens or mixed league We are looking to play together on any men's or mixed team, all 3 have played for years.
Jan 23 2018 Saad Humayun 6476272015 Mixed A Will Be Willing to play in any mixed division
Jan 18 2018 Geoff McDonald/Denise Bond 647-640-7934 Mixed D Looking to join Co-ed team! We would be good fit for any team looking to have fun, and a few laughs!
Jan 13 2018 Garnet & Stacey Fortin 289-839-9154 Mixed D Both of us have played. Looking to play for fun. We will provide coffee, laughs and a great 6'5" first baseman if needed :)
Jan 5 2018 Chris Sousa & Sue Donato 4168887454 Mixed C / D Couple looking to play on a team that's focused on fun. We have played many years - Chris (any position, preferably INF/P), Sue (2B/C, OF if needed)
Nov 29 2017 Julia Morse 6473897230 Mixed B I am a single girl looking to join the Mixed B or C league. Would consider myself a good player and have been playing on a softball team for about 4 years. Also played a bit when I was in school. Thank you!
Nov 27 2017 Kelly Walsh 4169970505 Mixed C or D Played several years in Milton co ed slo pitch and modified leagues.
Mar 13 2018 Sloane Grey 289-935-4488 mixed B, C, D....mens B, C, D, 36 years old. Played most of my life on and off, can play anywhere, typically 3rd or outfield. just looking to have some laughs and play some ball