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Date Added Name Phone Division Comment
Mar 21 2023 Mike Eichstedt 6476694539 Anything 5 tool player .800+avg ...cannon for an arm
Mar 21 2023 Greg Teskey 647-290-4734 Mixed (A,B,C,D), Over 35 (A, B, C) I've played multiple years in mixed. Haven't played in 3 years. Interested in joining a team.
Mar 19 2023 Dave van Doorn 905-867-1701 Mixed C / D throws/bats left. strongest at 1B or in RF. lifelong player.
Mar 12 2023 Jason Kerr & Pina Pacher 905-703-0798 Mixed Late 20s couple looking to play Coed. Jason has played for many years in this league (mainly Men's divisions). Pina is new to ball.
Mar 2 2023 Janine Mondecar 6472005459 Mixed D 4 years playing co-ed level D as second base, outfield, catcher.
Feb 28 2023 Janet Wallis 9055860427 Mixed any division A couple looking to play slopitch together. I have been in HL3P for 6 years and and my partner has played on baseball teams in the past. Don't care about any positions, just want to have a fun summer.
Feb 22 2023 Stephen 4168258666 Over 35 BC,mixed cd and men’s D I can play anywhere on the field. Hitter with power and very high average. Plays usually corner infield positions.
Feb 20 2023 Jake Holmes/Emma Fox 4164283700 Mixed My girlfriend and I are looking to join a team together. We are both mid-20s. I have lots of experience playing baseball and she played a season of intramurals.
Feb 18 2023 Jay Postma 9057036329 A/B/C 37Y/O lifelong player….middle infield with decent avg and power Coming from “A league of our own”
Feb 16 2023 Bart Manierka 647-655-4034 Mixed B, C or D-are they different? Older but fit infielder with many years experience playing on a men’s team in this league. Ready to play again.
Feb 6 2023 Sue Donato / Chris Sousa 4168887454 Mixed C or D Couple looking to play together on a team
Feb 3 2023 Justin Watson 905-801-5293 Mixed C/D , Mens D New Georgetown resident, looking to continue in slo-pitch after brampton league folded. Always a team player, but most comfortable at 3rd or 1st base.
Mar 7 2023 John Leermakers 9056011955 Mixed C or D Outfield postion preferred, but can play infield if required, over 30 years playing ball, looking for a fun team to join.
Feb 24 2023 Ron McDowell 6474070539 Mixed B C D Played in the WESPA leaque for years, now in Georgetown. Looking for a fun team to join
Feb 19 2023 Rick Hohendorf 9052607190 Over 35 B or C or Mixed Played for many years on Minutune/Georgetown Automotive. Can pitch or play infield
Feb 19 2023 Blake Mandarino 2898392530 C or D Played ball growing up, over 35.
Feb 6 2023 Chris Sousa 4168887454 Mens C or D, Over 35 Looking for a team to play with this summer. Best spots for me are 3B/2B or Pitcher but will play anywhere
Jan 29 2023 Josh crispo 6472429927 Men’s A men’s C Previously played on joe booze A and C division.