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Aug. 31/17 Ray
Just curious if the league has thought about implementing any more safety measures I know alot of leagues are making pitching masks mandatory and in light of what in BC with the player losing his life from an overthrow maybe going a step further and adding batting helmets
It is on the agenda for the Fall meeting
Jun. 27/17 Kyle
What can be done to have all scores reported sooner? We always report ours right after the game, some teams in our league are constantly 2-3 weeks behind.
Not sure what we can do - decided though, that after 3 days unreported the scores are entered by the system as a 0 - 0 tie and that cannot be undone except thru the Pres
Jun. 21/17 Darryl
Is it possible to add maps to the website that show which diamond is which at each park? For example, Glen Williams park doesn't have signs posted letting players know which diamond is #1 and which diamond is #2, so last time we played there we just picked the one that was less wet as both were available at the time.
will as the Town to put up signs on the backstops - which i think are already there with the address so an ambulance can be summoned if needed
May. 9/17 Jeff Tanner
Set up the website so that team contacts can choose to receive notifications or new messages by email as they are posted on the website (ie. - games are cancelled).
That is not likely going to happen - we need to get the message out to more people not less when it comes to cancellations - we already get too many gripes from people not getting notified even though it went to their team contact
Mar. 14/17 Tim
Add to team stat category slugging% (if number of stats is too many then drop strikeouts)
Sort of a meaningless stat used to boost egos but in any event I have added it.