New this season!
Due to disallowing reschedules the league is allowing teams to use players from other teams in the league to play for them during the regular season only.
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  • To qualify you must be a rostered member in good standing in the GSL.
  • Division qualifications apply. e.g. you must be over 35 to play in the over 35 division.
  • Note: You must have a valid email address that matches the email address on your current team.
    If it doesn't have your team captain correct it on his roster before proceeding.
Name Over 35 Phone Current Team Division
Pete Wanner Yes 4169186987 S.O.B.'s Over 35 C
great catcher or 1st base play Over 35 now
Frank MacEachern Yes 289 839-1274 Diamond Cutters Over 35 C
I live on Miller Drive, can be there pronto. Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday,
Daniel Rule Yes 4168926005 Betty Ford Clinic Over 35 C
Field or second no pitching Monday’s and late Wednesday games
Sean Robinson No 6479924482 Balls of Anarchy Mixed C
Can play any outfield position, along with 1st or 2nd. Can play Wednesdays
Andre P O'CONNOR Yes 6472932072 Longhorns Over 35 C
Perfect to play as needed catcher or outfield Readily available for Thursday over 35 A OR B
Jay Fendley Yes 4166662963 Isotopes Mens A
Pitcher preferred. Can play right side of INF or C if needed. Looking to spare for Over 35 when needed. Not looking to join a team regularly at this time.
John King Yes 905-873-2518 6 Is On Two Over 35 A
Catch,first, field if desperate. Most nights Thursdays tough
David Robinson Yes 905-876-8570 6 Is On Two Over 35 A
Can Pitch, play 1st or 2nd Most nights, Thursdays tough
Brian MacPherson Yes 4168819460 Here For Beer Mens A
Decent all round player. Infield primary but anywhere else but 1st or Pitch. Signed up to be available for a few select friends' teams. Limited availability.
Jeff murphy No 9053012165 Hop Society Brewing Over 35 B
Anywhere but pitcher Not Thiurday
Ryan Black Yes 9054830234 6 Is On Two Over 35 A
Pitch, catch and 1b. Bigger fella so don't be expecting lightning on the bases. If your team has a motorized cart available, that would be preferred. Available all nights but Thursday.