New this season!
The GSL is trying to get an over 50 division started.
If you are interested please sign up here. > Register
  • If we can get 48 or more interested people we can create a 4 team division.
  • We are thinking this will be a draft league. If you are interested in being a captain indicate that in comments.
  • Night of play is tentativly scheduled for Monday.
  • You must be 50 or over in the 2020.
  Name comment
1 Doug Snow Good player. First Base, Third Base, Outfield
2 Mike Cook Any position-played my whole life! Willing to be a Co-Captain with someone on the Team! Hope we get enough guys!!!
3 Steve Millar Average player. OF, 3B or 1B
4 David Kozai OF.
5 pete wanner better than average at somethings - baseball might one of those things
6 Bill Grandy Played in the Over 35 Division since 2008, mainly OF
7 Rob Thompson Average player; outfielder/ catcher; can pitch if needed
8 Darren Average player, can play any where except pitcher
9 Mike Weber Plays the infield
10 Larry Lichty Outfielder
11 Brian Davidson currently pitching & 1st base (lefty)
12 Terry Hicken Mostly infield
13 Larry Hehn utility player, line drive hitter, prefer infield but will play anywhere
14 Dan Bujold 3rd or outfield
15 Vic Phyllis Played with and against Mike Cooke. Don't care where i play cause I'm out for the good times. Used to play a lot, now maybe 10 games in the last 10 years.
16 Jules Pede Average player, played 3rd and outfield, played in over 35 league for about 10 years.
17 Petr Boucek Desire to try pitching
18 Brian Conley Good wheels for an old guy. Can play anywhere
19 Randy LeBlanc Prefer any infield position
20 Steve Done Currently 1B, and I will be there every week.
21 Mark Pecho 1st base/2nd or any field
22 Jake Westover Average player, 1st, 2nd or Catcher
23 Jeff Fennell Been a while since i played, was an average player at one point. Interested in playing any position.
24 Larry Davis Been a few years. Used to have wheels and a good arm. Will play any position.
25 David Spencer Over35B Champs Baby !! Being put out to pasture as younger old guys move in. Avg. 2nd basemen & bat.
26 Robert Muller where ever you need
27 Darren Dolomont 1st base Iíve played in over 35 last 8 years
28 Mark Wells 1st base or outfield
29 Randy Schaefer Can play pretty well anywhere
30 Andrew McGee Catcher/First Base
31 John Hughson Have not played for 25 years - average player then - prefer infield
32 Orville Briscoe all positions
33 Frank MacEachern There is no over 90 division, so I'll Catch or play Second in this Division.
34 Anthony Garito a little rusty.. But it would be fun to get out there and play.
35 James Philpott Left field, above average hitter, in very good physical condition.
36 Dave McLaughlin have'nt played in 6-7 years No wheels but can play anywhere needed prefer infield but can play out in the hay