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Next Regular Season Games - Tue, Jun 25
Division Time Park Home Visitor Umpire
Mixed B 7:00 PM TSP-1 Hooters & Hammers Triple Play Rick Collard
Mixed B 7:00 PM TSP-4 Sauga Bulldogs Inglorious Batters Scott Stubberfield
Mixed B 9:00 PM TSP-4 Shopping Cart Roof Guys Mets Scott Stubberfield
Mixed B 9:00 PM TSP-1 Cleats & Cleavage Playmates Rick Collard
Mixed C 7:00 PM GS-3 Chasers I'd Hit That Josh Petch
Mixed C 8:30 PM TSP-2 Balls of Anarchy Cyclone Chris Kearsey
Mixed C 8:30 PM GS-2 Master Batters Free Agents Ken Barber
Mixed C 9:00 PM GS-3 Assorted Sox Cannon Fodder Josh Petch
Mixed D 7:00 PM H-1 Base Invaders Peelers Lucky Leslie
Mixed D 7:00 PM LH-1 Heisenberg Coming In Hot Trevor Cherwaiko
Mixed D 9:00 PM H-1 Not Fast, Just Furious Back n Black Lucky Leslie
Mixed D 9:00 PM LH-1 Jock’s N Jill’s Brew Crew Trevor Cherwaiko
Next Regular Season Games - Wed, Jun 26
Mens A 7:00 PM TSP-4 The Brokebats Knots Craig McCurrie
Mens A 9:00 PM TSP-4 The Dallas Danglers Isotopes Craig McCurrie
Mens B 7:00 PM TSP-1 Mudslides Dirty Bunts Rick Collard
Mens B 8:30 PM H-1 The Bench Warmers Appalachian Avalanche Lucky Leslie
Mens B 8:30 PM GS-3 Corked Bats Georgetown Firefighters Terry Noakes
Mens B 8:30 PM TSP-2 Wolfpack MLB Randy Schaefer
Mens B 9:00 PM TSP-1 Dirty Bunts Brewers Rick Collard
Next Regular Season Games - Thu, Jun 27
Over 35 A 7:00 PM TSP-4 Madness Last Out Opens Beer Craig McCurrie
Over 35 A 7:00 PM TSP-1 Brew Jays Hop Society Brewing Ken Barber
Over 35 A 8:30 PM GS-2 ThUnder Dogs Grounders Mike baron
Over 35 A 9:00 PM TSP-1 6 Is On Two Diamond Cutters Ken Barber
Over 35 A 9:00 PM H-1 TailGators Grave Diggers Alfie Hutchins
Over 35 A 9:00 PM TSP-4 Joe Booze Longhorns Craig McCurrie
Over 35 C 7:00 PM H-1 S.O.B.'s Betty Ford Clinic Alfie Hutchins
Over 35 C 8:30 PM TSP-2 Swingers Honkers Connor Moriarty
Over 35 C 9:00 PM GS-3 Swollen Boys Bat Attitudes Lucky Leslie

League News and Events
  • Tue, May 7, (13:05):
    Please ensure Boxes are locked and items are put away after last game.
  • Sun, Apr 14, (20:43):
    Balls and Score-books can be picked up at Endzone Sports Exchange 68 Main St. N Georgetown (905) 873-0176

  Lost or Found Items (in the last 14 days) Click on the "Lost and Found" menu item for details.
  • Thu, Jun 20, (16:15): Lost:  Outfielder’s Glove at Trafalgar Sports Park 4 on May 30 - 7 PM