Registration Information

Team captains are required to maintain their team rosters online via the GSL web site.

To do this one person from each team will register using his or her email address. Upon submitting his or her registration, a password will be emailed to them. Use this email address and password to log on to the Team Roster Management page.

Assign a roster manager from your team. It could be you, it could be someone else, If you don't have access to the Internet, assign someone from your team who does.

To get to the Team Roster Management page:

  • From the GSL home page, click the Teams and Contacts link
  • Find your team name in the list.
  • If you have not registered:
    • Click the Register button
    • Supply your name and email address then click submit.
    • You will have to wait until your new password is emailed to you.
    • Make sure your email address is correct.
  • If you have registered:
    • Click the Log In button, then enter your email address and password.
  • You will now see the Team Roster Management page.


To Add, Update and Delete players from your roster

  • If you are a new team, fill in the form and add up to 20 players.
  • Existing teams will see last years roster. You can update player information, delete players and add new players.
  • Please complete all player information. Everything except email address is mandatory for insurance.
  • Team rosters will be printed and sent for insurance purposes.
  • Updates to your rosters will be closed after May 31st as per the constitution.

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